Coordination Drill: Stirrers and Straws

A great coordination drill that you can do anywhere! This is a drill that focuses on hand-eye coordination.

Weight Training Drill: Balance & Coordination w/ BOSU Ball

BOSU BALL. This is also an excellent way to make easy exercises more challenging; if you can do a full set of pushups, lunges or squats with good form, try doing them on the Bosu trainer and you'll find yourself working harder and takes it a step further, forcing your core to work constantly throughout the entire motion. dream*train*succeed.

Weight Training Drill: Lateral Hurdle Hops


Lateral single leg plyometric drills, like this hurdle exercise, are great for building dynamic power and balance. Try keeping your body square, facing forward, without leaning too much and explode straight into a sprint off of the same foot.

Pitching Drill: Spin Drills

Watch as Coach Becca introduces some of her favorite ways to work on spins including the Spin Right Spinner, Zip Balls, and going old fashioned with some black electrical tape on the center of the ball. Let's get those spins perfected and as tight as possible with a little dedication to the details!

Find the Spin Right Spinner Here

Find Zip Balls Here

Hitting Drill: Hammer Drill

A hammer is a great tool for working on various pats of your swing. Use the hammer to work on front arm, back arm, and staying nice and level through the zone.

Catching Drill: Catching Form

CATCHERS! Transition to throw using tennis balls.

Mental Training: Talking Work Ethic

Our discussion about WORK ETHIC showcases 2019 VA Glory's Ar'riyauana Fleming's tactics for giving herself the best opportunity to surpass her competitors. Power Line Owner Sara Hayes leads the discussion.

Pitching Drill: Kneel Downs

Watch as Coach Becca shows off a new leg drill to help with explosiveness and strength in the push off leg. To drive from a still position on the ground takes strength, timing, and balance which are all needed in picking up speed!

Hitting Drill: Towel Whip

A great drill for working on front arm and back arm individually. We are also working on getting to extension on a direct path.

Coordination Drill: Juggling

Maybe you think juggling is just for street performers and circus acts, but you would be wrong!! Watch this short clip from Coach Becca to see why juggling is a must-do exercise for improving hand-eye coordination and use of peripheral vision!