Cort Peters

Director of Education

Cort Peters brings a wealth of experience to our College Bound Athlete Services as Director of Education.

Cort is recognized through the San Diego sports community as one of the top Mental Performance coaches. While his Mental Performance Coaching practice began through family counseling, today his private practice includes athletes in Soccer, Cross Country, Softball, Baseball, Football, Golf, and Volleyball, as well as athletes who train for general fitness. Cort’s specialization is injury recovery, but other important themes include energy efficiency, focus, optimism, and imagery training. Good decisions off the field translate to good decisions on the field. He helps clients through transitions, helps build confidence, and works with personality differentiation. Cort Peters helps teams and individuals to be the best version of themselves.

Originally from San Diego, CA, Cort Peters graduated from the University of Notre Dame. He immediately started a Masters in Teaching while serving in the Alliance for Catholic Education as a teacher for two years. After starting a Master’s in Divinity, Cort returned to his old high school, University of San Diego High School, to teach and serve as the Theology Department Chair.

When he moved to Los Angeles, Cort served as principal of Saint Marianne School and Saint Sebastian School. Both schools included fundraising efforts of over a million dollars that led to constant improvement in school programs and facilities. He became a Doctoral Candidate in Educational Leadership and Social Justice at Loyola Marymount University.

Cort returned to San Diego in 2006, and became Director of Catechetical Ministries at Saint Therese of Carmel Church in Carmel Valley. While guiding the church through various new ministries, he oversaw the growth of the church to include over 2500 families and all new facilities. During that time, Cort finished his Masters in Sport and Performance Psychology and began his private practice.

Cort is an avid golfer with playing experience in softball, volleyball, track, cross country, football, baseball and soccer. His head coaching experience includes golf (state finalists), football (National Football Coach Certification), and soccer (state championship).

As Power Line College Bound Athlete Services Director of Education, Cort will be an integral part of our athletes’ journeys as they prepare to be their best version of themselves during their college recruiting process.

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