With over 25 years of college coaching and professional college bound recruit advising experience, Power Line College Bound Athlete Service brings unmatched connections with an influential network of college coaches. Our extensive network includes personalized contacts with most D1, D2, D3, and NAIA coaches, including the Power 5 and Ivy League. Power Line is designed and presented with the goal of providing huge NATIONAL EXPOSURE and ADVOCACY!

It is through keen evaluations and individual interviews that we learn about our athletes. Because of our diligent processes, we provide the utmost detail about each athlete’s physical skill, academic focus, leadership capacity, and mental ability to handle the most competitive environments.

How it works


Power Line Evaluators gives athletes a thorough and honest evaluation of their complete physical skillset, strength and conditioning, and in-game assessment using both in person and video analyses, discussions with their club and skill development instructors, and detailed personalized interview processes.


College Bound Athletes learn to develop a personalized system for their recruiting process through Power Line’s College-Bound Student-Athlete Educational Workshops. These workshops include a full rundown of the recruiting process, telephone and writing communication skills, scholarship opportunities, and a roadmap to determining the athlete’s best match. Each player will also receive our exclusive recruiting manual with tips, guides and comprehensive listings of 4-year schools sponsoring softball.


Over 25 years of professional experience and coaching college softball, Power Line has cultivated close relationships with a wide range of college softball coaches. Our staff maintains regular and direct contact with coaches of all locations and all levels – D1, D2, D3, NAIA, JC and community colleges –through text, phone call, email, and social media in order to be able to appropriately market and advocate for our Power Line College Bound athletes and teams.


Power Line provides a number of avenues for athletes and teams to expand their national exposure. Email campaigns, You Tube videos, and active social media sites provide exceptional opportunities for athletes and coaches to directly reach college coaches.


Power Line College Bound athletes and teams receive intensely personalized support and advice through regular meetings with Founder Sara Hayes and Director of Education Cort Peters. Meeting topics include but are not limited to list development, contact logs, camp invitations, vetting college coaches, on campus visits, questions to ask, and ultimately how to make a decision on the best fit.

Get on the right path

Power Line’s newly revamped college softball recruit advising program offers softball athletes the opportunity to effectively find that school and softball combination they are seeking. With over 25 years of college softball coaching experience, and even longer playing career, Sara Hayes and the Power Line staff are ready to guide you through the challenging process of finding the perfect college for you.

Choose from 3 Power Line Programs

It's time to start your journey to achieve your dreams! We want to help refine your skills and get to the collegiate program that is the best fit. We are excited to start this journey with you!

Strategic Education Program

Prepares athletes and teams for the process before it starts.

GROW Mental Performance Training and Mentoring

Prepares athletes to be able to perform at their highest level When opportunities arise.

Power Advocacy Program

Provides huge national exposure and personalized support to athletes active in their recruiting process.

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We have created a series of webinars geared toward helping college bound athletes prepare for communicating with college coaches. We also provide helpful tips and routines for helping improve your mental game.

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