Power Line provides intense support and national exposure to college coaches at all levels and locations.  With a combined 25 years of college coaching and professional college bound recruit advising experience, Power Line brings unmatched connections with an influential network of college coaches to teams and club coaches. Our extensive network includes personalized contacts with most D1, D2, D3, and NAIA coaches, including the Power 5 and Ivy League.

How it works

Strategic Meeting

Coaches and Players meet with Founder Sara Hayes and Education Advisor Cort Peters to develop strategy for national exposure and a solid foundation for approaching college coaches.


We will develop a strategy to present your team or organization in the most professional way to college coaches.


Through multiple marketing avenues – email and text campaigns, You Tube videos, and social media platforms -  Power Line exposes teams/organizations to thousands of college coaches.

*Athletes will need to sign up individually for the Education Program

Teams that work with Power Line

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