Hitting Drill: Front Arm w/ Flat Glove

The flat glove is not just for defense drills! Use the flat glove to work on driving your elbow to the ball. You want to make sure to go all the way through to extension. This is a great drill for breaking down your swing.


Hitting Drill: Frisbee Drill

Lauren breaks down working on connection and staying through the ball. This is a great drill to do with a partner. Working on palm up/ palm down and letting go at extension.


Hitting Drill: Hammer Drill

A hammer is a great tool for working on various pats of your swing. Use the hammer to work on front arm, back arm, and staying nice and level through the zone.


Hitting Drill: Two Tee Drill

Power Line Coach Lauren Mario teaches and demonstrates a fun but challenging Two Tee Drill!


Hitting Drill: 45 Degree

This is a great tee drill for working on driving through to extension.