Catching Drill: Catching Form

CATCHERS! Transition to throw using tennis balls.

Mental Training: Talking Work Ethic

Our discussion about WORK ETHIC showcases 2019 VA Glory's Ar'riyauana Fleming's tactics for giving herself the best opportunity to surpass her competitors. Power Line Owner Sara Hayes leads the discussion.

Pitching Drill: Kneel Downs

Watch as Coach Becca shows off a new leg drill to help with explosiveness and strength in the push off leg. To drive from a still position on the ground takes strength, timing, and balance which are all needed in picking up speed!

Hitting Drill: Towel Whip

A great drill for working on front arm and back arm individually. We are also working on getting to extension on a direct path.

Hitting Drill: Sway Drill with Stop at Extension

Using our Online Training format in Zoom, Coach Sara Hayes works with Poway freshman Autumn Zusman. Drill: In a wide stance and with bent knees, sway linearly from the front to the back. Once in a strong load, drive back forward swinging to extension.

Catching Drill: Fielding Bunts

Power Line athletes Jayden, 10 years old, and Summer, 15 years old, demonstrate the correct footwork for receiving a bunt and transitioning into a throw!