Catching Drill: Pop-ups

Power Line athletes Summer and Jayden demonstrate the footwork for receiving pop-ups as a catcher!

Pitching Drill: "K" Drill

Everyone knows the "K" drill, but are you doing it correctly? Find out if you are making the most out of the most basic warm up drill in fastpitch today!

Throwing Drill: Target Practice

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Pitching Drill: Time's Up!

If you are looking for a way to break the monotony of your everyday leg drill take a look at this week's Pitching Drill of the Week, "Time's Up!" A drill that challenges you to compete against yourself, or your best pitching friend, to see if you can beat the amount of pitches you get done in the same amount of time. Time's Up, how well did you do? Thanks for watching!!

Throwing Drill: Fundamentals

Notre Dame Softball great and former D1 college coach, Sara Hayes, teaches two throwing drills that help athletes learn to keep their elbow up and throw over the top. Through Power Line, Sara is motivated to help young athletes learn the correct techniques necessary to prevent injury and compete at the highest levels! For more information email or call 858.277.7792.

Pitching Drill: Scales

Watch as Coach Becca demonstrates how to work on explosiveness and aggressive drive with "Scales". Working from a level 1 to a level 10 on the aggressiveness scale, use the loosest form and least amount of thought of accuracy to develop the timing and comfort to be as aggressive as possible! Enjoy, and thanks for watching!

Weight Training Drill: RDL Exercise

The standing leg or single leg RDL is a great exercise for sports performance, balance, coordination, injury prevention and even athletes with prior injuries as well. Especially knee injuries which are much too prevalent particularly for female athletes. Give this great exercise a try and check out Power Lines FB page for more great info!

Weight Training Drill: Agility Drill | Verbal Chaos

Livy Schiele demonstrates an advanced agility drill where Melissa uses different types of chaos to distract the athlete. Melissa calls out a color and Livy must react accordingly.

A verbal chaos drill is one that forces an athlete to remove vision from the initial movement, and react more on audible instinct. I find these drills to work best with baseball players. In baseball, athletes react to the sound of the bat hitting the ball before the even see the ball.

To simulate this, I often have athletes begin drills to the sound of my clap, or even to the sound of the baseball or softball player swinging in the cage.

For more information on how to improve sport specific speed, Click here to read the blog.

Hitting Drill: Single Arm with Little Bat

In an athletic and strong position, we train ONE ARM MECHANICS using a little bat and tennis balls.

On the back hand, we focus on keeping our weight behind the ball, connecting so the arm moves with the body, making contact with the hand and forearm behind the bat, and extending through the zone toward where the pitch came from.

For the front hand, we focus on moving linearly, leading with the elbow and then the forearm, keeping the bat behind the wrist, and finishing LONG through extension.

In this Power Line Drill Video, 2017 Stavi Augur - committed to go to Coastal Carolina U. - demonstrates here and Coach Sara Hayes is instructing.

Catching Drill: Throwing Leg Drive

To develop more leg drive and power, hop three times toward target before stepping to throw.