Hitting Drill: Single Arm with Little Bat

In an athletic and strong position, we train ONE ARM MECHANICS using a little bat and tennis balls.

On the back hand, we focus on keeping our weight behind the ball, connecting so the arm moves with the body, making contact with the hand and forearm behind the bat, and extending through the zone toward where the pitch came from.

For the front hand, we focus on moving linearly, leading with the elbow and then the forearm, keeping the bat behind the wrist, and finishing LONG through extension.

In this Power Line Drill Video, 2017 Stavi Augur - committed to go to Coastal Carolina U. - demonstrates here and Coach Sara Hayes is instructing.


Catching Drill: Throwing Leg Drive

To develop more leg drive and power, hop three times toward target before stepping to throw.


Pitching Drill: Jump Drill

Watch as Coach Becca demonstrates the fun, and explosive, Jump Drill! Whether you want to use it to build endurance (doing 15 in a row is a work out) or overall explosiveness it can be your go to leg drill this winter!


Hitting Drill: Front Arm w/ Flat Glove

The flat glove is not just for defense drills! Use the flat glove to work on driving your elbow to the ball. You want to make sure to go all the way through to extension. This is a great drill for breaking down your swing.


Coordination Drill: Off The Wall

Are you needing an easy drill to work on hand eye coordination while traveling during this holiday season? Do you have a wall and a tennis ball? Watch as Coach Becca shows you how to work on your skills even without gear with this week's drill "Off The Wall".


Hitting Drill: Frisbee Drill

Lauren breaks down working on connection and staying through the ball. This is a great drill to do with a partner. Working on palm up/ palm down and letting go at extension.


Pitching Drill: Feeling Spins

Watch Coach Becca give a detailed description of what to feel to make your spins the best they can be. She expands upon last week's topic of using spin tools to help and gives good examples of what to feel with the actual ball in your hand!


Catching Drill: Throwing Drills

Watch Power Line Founder and Coach, Sara Hayes, teach three throwing drills for catchers with the help of Power Surge Bachtell catcher Ashleigh Hartwig!


Weight Training Drill: Agility Drill | Cognitive Chaos

Livy Schiele demonstrates an advanced agility drill where Melissa uses different types of chaos to distract the athlete. If the number Melissa says out loud is even, she reacts right, if it's odd, she reacts left.

A cognitive chaos drill is one that requires an athlete to react based on the answer to a question. The goal of these drills is to decrease the amount of time it takes for an athlete to think and react. For example, instead of having an athlete run a set route, yell either "right" or "left" and have them react to that cue. Make it harder by yelling a simple math problem and if the answer is even then they would react and move to the right, if the answer was odd they would have to react to the left.

For more information on how to improve sport specific speed, Click Here to read the blog.


Weight Training Drill: Front Squat Pointers

Here are some tips to help get you ready for a strong and proper front squat! Front squats are a more quadricep dominant exercise then the back squat and it also requires more core stabilization. Don't forget to stretch your wrists! Follow our FB page for more tips and info!